We help organizations to analyze, research, understand and detect opportunities to define the strategies that shape the best businesses, products and services of the future.


We transform, configure and design to materialize the user’s needs through an innovative and profitable product, service or business model.


We implement, orchestrate and transfer all our knowledge and the action plans made to the industry, thinking about achieving an efficient implementation and adaptation to the company.

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During our more than 15 years of experience and thanks to the professional relationships that we have consolidated during our journey, we share with you the methodology that we have configured and that represents us as a strategic firm. 


It is characterised by optimising time, it is made up of an agile process that facilitates the work of each link in the chain. We apply Lean Product Development and we manage projects with industrialisation in mind, from the very beginning, from the very first idea, but how can we do that? Because our knowledge is based on our experience, which characterises us as a design reference in Murcia. 


We believe that making our large ecosystem of suppliers, compiled over all these years, available to clients, is a competitive advantage that allows us to make ideas tangible in an unthinkable time, at least this is the general opinion of the clients we have worked with.


Our way of working, the human team that makes up IDEA, is our core. We don’t want to overwhelm you, so we will show you the main phases of our methodology in a visual way. 

We look forward to your visit or to your call, so that we can tell you in more detail about the tools and inventions that we are capable of doing to ensure the success of your project. If you come to our territory, we will show you the physical portfolio that represents us and from which we have learned so much over the years. Of course, we’ll have a drink together, always respecting the safety distances…

For confidentiality reasons, we can only show a part of our work on the web. Come and visit us, get to know our recently renovated space and give us the opportunity to tell you how we can team up and create value.