Luminaria “Konak” | Secom Iluminación

Secom was founded in 1989 with the intention of bringing new values to the different links in the lighting market chain. The company focuses its activities on the design, manufacture and marketing of different types of luminaires and light sources, specializing in the development of products with LED technologies.


For Secom, the emergence of LED technology was a great opportunity that it quickly seized, covering a new market niche in the technical lighting sector. The company was able to position itself in the market by going beyond the replacement of conventional technology with a new one and applying a native concept for the subsequent development of lighting equipment.


A thorough value proposition analysis would give us the keys to identify various active segments, such as architects, engineers, distributors, installers and end customers.


From the wide range of products that have been developed we chose the so-called «Konak», which stands out for being an industrial lighting equipment, bell style, based on LED technology suitable for industrial spaces for its great lighting performance.

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