Didactic Robot | Aisoy Robotics

Aisoy goes far beyond the design of an interactive robot, what made us fall in love with this project was its scope: to create a community by and for the educational support of children, differentiating two aspects, one aimed at promoting STEAM activities in education and the other focused on groups with special educational needs. To do this, it was necessary to create a robot mascot capable of getting involved in the development of social and emotional skills and intellectual abilities of children.

Grupo Idea carried out the design of the robot’s casing and its development for its subsequent mass production. It should be noted that the electronic components have a very important weight in this product, which is why during the design process we took into account the ease of access to them to repair them and even replace them with new ones. The result is a friendly and functional pet robot capable of accompanying children in their emotional and intellectual growth.


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