Ceratrap | Bioibérica

The company Bioiberica was trying to solve one of its «strategic» products for pest control in fruit and citrus trees attacked by the fly.

Their current product was conceived based on a traditional plastic bottle, which was half-filled, leaving a space for the fly trap holes, plugging them with the product label.

This concept created a lot of leakage problems, causing many of the containers to spill and spoil the product. In addition, almost half of the container was transported empty, which resulted in a significant transport cost overrun. On top of that, when it came time to use the product, the farmer had to manage to hang it from the tree by any means necessary.

In view of this wide-ranging problem with such a simple product, we accepted the challenge.

What did this challenge consist of? The redesign of an insect trap where the content was a liquid with pheromones. The solution consisted of creating a fully functional container, capable of holding the liquid, including the insect trap tubes and a handle for hanging from the tree. In addition, aspects such as efficient transport are solved by making the container telescopic and stackable.

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