The 10 Principles of good design, according to Dieter Rams

The 10 Principles of good design, according to Dieter Rams

What does «good» design look like, and are there instructions on how to create it? Dieter Rams, legendary industrial designer, whose «less but better» approach inspired a generation, is famous for writing the «Ten Principles of Good Design».

In the late 1970s, Dieter Rams was aware that he played an important role in the world he was helping to create and asked himself the important question: is my design a good design?

This decalogue has had a great influence on us in the creation of new products:

01. Good design is innovative: Water Spa Divan de WSD.

02. Good design provides utility to each product: «MPS EVO» Helmet Restraint de Catlike.

03. Good design is aesthetic: Gama Dispensadores “Star” de LOSDI.

04. Good design makes a product understandable: Calefactor Patitas de Orbegozo.

05. Good design is discreet: Cuchillos de mesa de Arcos.

06. Good design is honest: Luminaria “Konak” de SECOM ILUMINACIÓN.

07. Good design has a long life: Dosificador de jabón de LOSDI.

08. Good design is consistent in its details: Envase “Solanum” de Coopbox.

09. Good design respects the environment: Ceratrap de Bioibérica.

10. Good design is design at its minimum expression: Calefactor de Orbegozo.