Project Description



The company Coopbox is part of the multinational corporation Grupo CCPL which, since 1972, is mainly focused on the manufacturing of packaging and packaging systems for the food sector, standing ahead in the field of innovation of products and technologies.

This product emanates from the technological synergy between Coopbox and Grupo Idea, so as to offer a solution to a challenge posed by the agricultural cooperative La Palma: putting on the Scandinavian market one of its flagship products, the Cherry tomato.

More and more, packaging serves as an engagement tool for the buyer, needing to convey in the sales display its virtues in a distinctive manner in relation to those of the competition. Therefore, apart from preserving the product’s quality, we required a differentiating component.

Back then the “packaging convenience” was already spoken about, a trend which bound together those quality criteria and the ability to stand out, creating in the end consumer an experiential dimension.

Obtuvimos así una visión global del terreno de actuación, para poder empezar a gestar un producto que se ajustase a las necesidades descubiertas.

Once the strategy had been devised, we started this phase focusing on the concept. We knew the shape would be essen;al to convey in the sales display the conditIon of fresh product and, with that goal in mind, a packaging structure which mimicked the same shape as the product it contained.
The study of market routines helped us identify product requirements according to criterion, finding that there was a high percentage of customers who would use it to make salads at home and another share who would just enjoy the product on the street. All this made us integrate in the packaging an opening system and a dispenser which would facilitate its future use.

The collaboration between the company Coopbox and Grupo Idea was based on an “Open Innovation” model, aimed at maximizing the benefits of having developed a concept backed by the experience of a manufacturer which is, since 1972, a leading reference in the food packaging sector.

The veteran status of Coopbox, together with our capacity of conceptualizing new products, made us able to carry out a transversal consultancy work. This work reduced the number of incidents, shortened the timings and resources and enabled us to perform targeted tests which provided a great deal of information about market reaction.

The product had a really favorable reception in the market, with more than 20 million units being manufactured. All its characteristics offered a differentiation and added values which made this packaging stand out in the sales display from the competition. This capacity of differentiation made us deserving of the world prize “World Packaging Organization” (WPO) in the category BEST PACKAGING 2011/2012.

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