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We lay out an integral plan so as to launch new products on the market in which we take into consideration the whole background surrounding the product, we analyze the sector, the competition, all the gamut of agents involved in the product’s daily routines, suppliers, materials and manufacturing process. After all the research process, we move to the design of a new product adapted to the users’ needs and, finally, to the industrialization phase for its mass production.

All the factors involved in the product’s manufacturing and life cycle are analyzed, and ways to enhance its optimization are laid out with the aim of improving its profitability and extend its life cycle in the Marketplace.

We analyze the brand value, market positioning and corporate visual identity, and we do it from the intangible phase of graphic design, to the most tangible stage, where it needs to stand out and coexist with its competitors. We devise a new brand strategy which provides differentiation and creates a link between customer and company.

We work together with companies so as to lay the foundations which allow us to implement and foster a culture of innovation as the instrument for the search of new opportunities, company growth and differentiation.

We manage and adapt in the most efficient manner the manufacturing process of a product or range of products in order to obtain the highest quality possible. All this is achieved by means of the right selection of the suppliers and the most advanced manufacturing processes of materials and components. We also analyze and assess the components of a product so as to determine if it is viable and can be manufactured within specific processes and product costs.

How we work?

We display, orchestrate and transfer all the knowledge and action plans for their efficient implementation and adaptation to the business.


We help the organizations analyze, look into and detect the opportunities so as to devise the finest strategies that make up the finest businesses, products and services of the futur.


We transform, shape and design so as to achieve the fulfillment of the needs of the users integrated in one innovative and profitable product, service or business model.


We display, orchestrate and transfer all the knowledge and action plans for their efficient implementation and adaptation to the business

Best Business

D&Ad 2009
Awards Winner

Nomination Product
Design Award

Liderpack 2010
Awards Winner

Magalia 2010
Innovation Award

Worldstar 2011
Awards Winner

Grupo Idea Soluciones Integrales S.L.

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