Project Description



Following our experience with the design and development of the Paris series soap dish, the company Losdi posed a much more ambitious challenge to us, which consisted in designing from scratch a whole range of dispenser devices with which they could keep on increasing their market share. This new range of products would consist of six references, which would have to be designed with a similar outline, in line with the brand values, among which modernity and a fine integration in the different areas can be highlighted.

Our priority was that of opting for a striking design, always bearing in mind the market requirements, such as optimal functioning, low maintenance level and, especially, a simple interaction with the product, both in its use as well as the replacement of fungibles in the devices. All of it, optimizing the costs, which would be defined by the tooling system solutions, the use of commercials/ sales agents and, especially, the weight of plastic used in each dispenser device.

We kept, hand in hand with Losdi, a coherence not only in the aesthetic component, but also in the functional and all of it while optimizing resources and meeting indicators already preset by the client since the initial phases. The goal was that of obtaining maximum functionality at best cost. Thanks to our experience in trend analysis and market roles, we could set a framework in which to develop the next phase.

Inspired by the marine world, we worked on the concept of purity for the design of this line of dispensers. The new finishes, based on textures in the inside of the pieces and built up with variants of semitransparent polycarbonate, provided the dispenser devices with a touch of differentiation and strong identity, allowing an association with the Losdi brand.

Regarding the functional aspect, we optimized the paper cutting system, being this one of the most appreciated points by the company’s actual client, the paper pulp manufacturer. The new system guaranteed a high percentage of clean cuts by means of smooth movements, solving this way the problem with paper breakage inside the equipment.

Another virtue of the “Star” line worth highlighting was the optimization of the material thickness, the difficulty of tooling, etc., in the locking systems; qualities which, added to the above mentioned, have made this line one of the most competitive options in the market.

The client demanded putting the six references on the market simultaneously, for which an action plan to prototype and validate each item separately was proposed. The most complex challenge was the paper cutting and locking systems in each of the devices, since we had to create a system which could be implemented in all of the variants of the designed product.

Once all the aspects of the prototypes were validated by means of functional tests, color tests, surface finishes and details which would give this range a notable differentiation with regard to the competition, its mass production was initiated for its further market launch.

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