Project Description



We have been collaborating with Catlike, a company which intends to remain a benchmark in the bicycle helmets sector. Its niche market is that of competitive sport products, to be further offered to the general public.

In this specific challenge, the company Catlike wanted to develop a range of innovative cranks which would fit in the majority of their models. The new range of cranks had to be lighter, more comfortable and with greater adjustment ease and versatility than any other. This project is part of the Catlike strategy to reinforce its presence in the American market, much more demanding in safety matters.

The main objective of Grupo Idea was to work hand in hand with the R+D department of Catlike so as to understand all the technical, ergonomic and safety aspects which we had to implement, managing the value message which they were intending to convey through the product.

Our work was performed for an already developed helmet, implementing the clamping system named MPS.

An extensive research in the field of ergonomics and morphology of the human head was carried out so as to create components capable of being adapted to the majority of the users.

We use our creative process to work with a multidisciplinary team, formed by industrial designers and a professional cyclist among other profiles, being able to bring out the best in each, maximizing its overall value.

The result was highly satisfactory, since both very valuable and feasible insights were obtained.

Its floating, self-adaptable pads, with regulating position and its side wings to be adapted to a variety of different head contours are some of the innovations featured.

The implementation of the product had both Catlike and Grupo Idea as well as the manufacturing supplier involved.

During the final design, several prototypes and adjustment tests were carried out. All the different details were taken care of, so that the launch was as quick as possible, as the manufacturing required the use of diverse technologies such as over-injection and ultrasonic welding, each of which demands very specific guidelines.

The end product has become a reference for many professional cyclists and for other brands.

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