Project Description



The recognizable brand of Orbegozo leads the Small Appliances market, a primarily functional sector, where the differentiation lies in small details. A controlled philosophy of costs allows this company to be in a well defined product segment. At this case, Orbegozo’s strategy works at the creation of a friendly line of functional products that could be integrated as home furniture.

Initially, we immersed ourselves in the existent trends of similar sectors of the segment, seeking for inspirations from what could be the ecosystem of the future user. We worked relying on product’s codes that inspired and helped us to draw a map of actors and the market’s necessities.

Once, the new line of heaters was chosen and designed, the aesthetics and functional parts were defined. In parallel, it was essential for the client to respect costs, being this a key aspect for the project to succeed. There were some aspects that needed to be taken into account: the number and weight of the pieces and the molds configuration.

In order to industrialize this product, it was needed to work at the final definition of each component and at the prototyping, and we tested it. Eventually, the fabrication of the product was carefully supervised, taking care of each minimum detail and the process was completed by a quality audit.

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