Project Description



Muybici company offers a service of sustainable mobility at Murcia by managing the rental bikes at the urban area.

At the inicial phase, the company set 400 bikes through the city. The peripheral design of the service, bikes and stations was inspired in a implemented model at European cities, but, in an early stage, an enormous quantity of vandalic acts took place, which influenced on the company and the municipal administration.

To confront this situation, Grupo Idea decides to offer their service to Muybici in order to create a solution against those incidents. With that goal, we made an analysis of the problem to create a solution that respects the current experience of use created by Muybici.

The main goal was solving the problem of broken locks and the work stations but, during the planning phase we understood that the solution should respect not only the already built infrastructure but also the product’s protocol of use, which the user was already used to.

Obtuvimos así una visión global del terreno de actuación, para poder empezar a gestar un producto que se ajustase a las necesidades descubiertas.

We worked in different sceneries taking into account all the restrictions of the project, focusing on solving the anchorage itself and proposing the client a common protocol of use and cost.

Focusing on cost reduction, a series of prototypes was created for the critical sceneries, such as municipal festivities with an enormous affluence at the streets.

We managed to reduce the percentage of disabled bicycles from 80% at regular weekends to almost 1% during the festivity season in the city (Las Fiestas de Primavera).

We took advantage of the 98% of the initial cost, both in the bike itself and in the 100% of the stations. These two indicators justified how we reached the technical solution and the economic viability of the product.

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