Project Description



Arcos is the Spanish cutlery Company with the greatest international projection, developing, since 1734, products with differential quality. Three centuries of continuous research and improvement of their products which make them an international reference in a sector as specific as cutlery and cooking utensils.Arcos approached us, interested in our product methodology, for the design of one of their flagship products, the “table knife”.

We began by figuring out the knife purchasing action and all the variables involved in such a decision.

Bearing that goal in mind, we carried out a market study, focused on the user segmentation and the identification of the necessities and consumer trends, which would lead to finding opportunity areas.We obtained this way a global vision of the playing field, so we could start to develop a product which would fit the necessities revealed.

We worked on the shapes, colors, materials and processes so as to adjust to the necessities revealed in the previous stages and create a new line of knives for domestic and multi-purpose use, with a modern and differential design.

After setting up the manufacturing process and the knife finishing, the arrangement of the new product was really simple, since Arcos had all the necessary resources for its mass production.

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