Who we are

Bernardo Díaz
Juan Esteban Sanchez
Ezequiel de San Pedro
Industrial Design Engineer
Alicia Alcazar
Industrial Design Engineer
Pepe Garcia
Mechanical Engineer
Damian Ortiz
Industrial Engineer


Along all these years, Grupo Idea has evolved in line with a crucial change in the business model. We started off being a design agency, when the product itself was the most important component. At this moment, when the experience is the most important aspect instead, our natural progression has been that of turning into an innovation consulting firm.

But, what is innovation exactly? Innovation is defined as the place where profitability and valuable user’s experiences are assembled perfectly, stemming from the product. But in Grupo idea we believe the word innovation falls short of describing our work.

We need a concept which goes way beyond and manages to convey that association which we regard so highly:

that existing between the human and the emotional, and which allows us to put the user’s experience first.

We need, as well, a new website which, from the formal and the conceptual, manages to turn that concept into something tangible.

A philosophy which talks about people’s dreams, of all that wealth of sensations and wishes which any person can and want to experience, but which at the same time defines the tangible, our ultimate goal, which is that of making all those dreams and wishes come true.

And with that goal in mind we present #makingutopia

The tangible and the intangible, the technique and the user’s experience, perfectly

assembled to explain our evolution, our DNA, and to describe the fusion of the main functions of product consultancy with a highly human component.

“Making” (manufacture, produce) and “Utopia” (a desirable but unfeasible project) are seemingly opposite terms that touch each other and intertwine. It is in this common ground that Grupo Idea lives and where our website beats, expressing what we are and how we work.It’s been many years of work and fulfilled dreams. And we feel that we love what we do, for we believe that there is no greater freedom than the impossible, and nothing as stimulating as making it possible.

This is our work.

Where we work

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D&Ad 2009
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Nomination Product
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Liderpack 2010
Awards Winner

Magalia 2010
Innovation Award

Worldstar 2011
Awards Winner

Grupo Idea Soluciones Integrales S.L.

Quinta planta, Av. Ciclista Mariano Rojas, 76- 5ª Planta, 30009 Murcia

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