Chorei: Japanese business routine for a productive day

At Idea Group we have been designing and developing products and strategy for 15 years, having created our own way of working: IDEAL LOGIC.

Routines are usually personal and based on the individual’s habits and preferences. But what about increasing team spirit, motivation and productivity – is there a morning routine that helps teams prepare for a productive day? Well, yes, there is and it’s called Chorei, a Japanese routine created to boost morale and increase performance.


This is a Japanese word used to name a morning meeting that is held standing up. All members of the company must attend before the start of the day.

It is a traditional practice. Its duration is quite short, usually extending to 15 minutes. However, it is a very effective way to keep everyone motivated and aligned with the same vision every day.

Unlike other meetings that usually take place in companies, this one is efficient enough to boost everyone’s energy, positivity and focus on common goals.


Why choose Chorei?

These meetings serve several purposes: to provide updates on project progress, discuss obstacles that have arisen, and delegate day-to-day tasks.

Attendance at Chorei is mandatory, so all employees must witness the dynamics. This ensures that:

  • Employees are aware of the company’s priorities.
  • Relevant news can be shared.
  • Working hours are coordinated and teams can collaborate.
  • Working hours are coordinated and teams can collaborate.
  • Values, mission and vision of the company are grounded.
  • Individual and collective goal setting is achieved.
  • Emotions can be expressed and everyone’s mood is strengthened.

The purpose of these 15-minute meetings is to increase business success by promoting teamwork and unity among workers. It can increase the sense of belonging and team performance. This way everyone can share, interact in a healthy way and feel satisfied with their work.

You can create your own Chorei, all you have to do is keep these considerations in mind:

  • Be on time.
  • Do not exceed the time set for the meeting, which can range from 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Ensure that everyone goes in motivated, refreshed and with the optimism needed to make the most of the day.

Remember, it must be practiced constantly. There are many ways to organize this meeting, here are a few:

    • Make a shared meeting agenda. This will make the meeting go more smoothly and everyone will know what is being discussed.
    • Hold a brainstorming session for employees to suggest what they would like to implement during the day.
    • Include a meditation or visualization.
    • Select one person each day to share their personal goals.

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  • Choose a leader to give a short speech or inspirational words.
  • Choose a current topic that is of interest, so that everyone can share ideas.
  • Graphically visualize the progress of a shared goal.
  • Graphically visualize the progress of a shared goal.
  • Create a slogan to encourage the team.

At Idea strategic firm we are strong advocates of these routines. It is a perfect example of how to get the team inspired to contribute to the company’s goals. As much as possible, we try to implement practices such as this one, the results of which are very beneficial.

Why not try adding a new approach to your team meetings and thus increase morale and productivity?

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