In the unforgettable past year 2020, on September 22, the presentation of the Arcos by Mario Sandoval series took place in Taiwan.
We have pictures of the event, would you know which product redesigned by Idea strategic firm appears?

That’s right! It is one of their star products, the Arcos table knife, for which they commissioned us to redesign.
For this project we started by deciphering the purchase action of the knife and all the variables that came into play in that decision. In this way we obtained a global vision of the field of action, in order to begin to develop a product that would meet the needs discovered.
We worked on the shapes, colors, materials and processes to adapt to the needs discovered in the previous phases and create a new line of knives for domestic and multipurpose use with a modern and differential design.
After determining the manufacturing process and finishing of the knife, Arcos was ready for mass production.

As you can see, the Taiwanese did not leave empty-handed. Arcos presented them with a pack that included our common project, the renewed table knife.
Product redesigns that travel and carry our signature all over the world.

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