the horizon

Cycling aimlessly with the breeze caressing your face. The adventure is the city.

This feeling… light, roofless, without side doors. Smelling, listening, breathing, making a turn, dodging, jumping. With the engine at your back and heart at your feet. Drawing the horizon you want, when you want, where you want, with a handlebar.

in your life

Onion. The smell of fried peppers. Meat in the pan. Garlic. The noise of stock crackling. Pepper. Memories of years past, people no longer among us, traditions lost. All of which can be inhaled, conjuring up images in your mind.

Bite and chew. And begin the journey. Homecoming through the palate, without moving, with your eyes closed. And for a second, just for a split second, you do not feel sorry about time passing by.

The freedom of
feeling safe

The wind wails under a ruthless sun. Three-way solitude: the bicycle, the road and you. A voice which tries to bring you down: “you can’t, you won’t make it”. The brain commands. The heart is willing, but your legs are not.

But in the end you make it. You take your risks and you make it. Adrenaline pumps through your body and instinctively, you check your helmet. And you think… there is no greater freedom than feeling safe.

We work our way through the whole creative process, coming up with an interaction system which turns an idea into many and a problem into a business opportunity.



This product emanates from the technological synergy between Coopbox and Grupo Idea, so as to offer a solution to a challenge posed by the agricultural cooperative La Palma: putting on the Scandinavian market one of its flagship products, the Cherry tomato.
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RatchetMPS EVO2012
We have been collaborating with Catlike, a company which intends to remain a benchmark in the bicycle helmets sector. Its niche market is that of competitive sport products, to be further offered to the general public.
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Losdi posed a much more ambitious challenge to us, which consisted in designing from scratch a whole range of dispenser devices with which they could keep on increasing their market share.
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LuminaireSecom iluminación2015
This project stands out for being an industrial lighting equipment, hood type, based on LED technology, ideal for industrial spaces due to its great luminous efficacy.
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Table knivesArcos2013
Arcos approached us, interested in our product methodology, for the design of one of their flagship products, the “table knife”.
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